Learn more with books

Books open a world to anyone willing to learn. There are so many wonderful books that tell the story of America’s cultural heritage. Here are just a few to indulge in; to get a taste of how far America has come as a nation.

Tidewater Spirit by Bryan Hatchett

Since the 17th century, the geographical landscape and place names of Tidewater have been mostly unchanged. Tidewater lies east of the Virginia rivers that flow into the Chesapeake.

Most of the history of the colonial times during the 17th and 18th centuries is told by the writings of Captain John Smith and Thomas Jefferson. These writings are recorded here. Readers will travel back to the past to listen to where they traveled and what they saw.

America’s Sacred Sites by Bruce Barkhauer

Travel across the United States of America to discover 50 of the country’s most sacred and historical landmarks. The book describes at least one of these precious landmarks in every state.

Take a journey to Pearl Harbor, Mount Rushmore, Dinosaur National Monument, Lake Mead, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and the Statue of Liberty; there is so much to see and explore. Learn more about these historic landmarks by getting your copy today.

Exploring Utah’s Bears Ears and Cedar Mesa by Andrew Weber

If you’re a hiker or just a traveler looking to explore and photograph Utah’s natural beauty, this comprehensive guide will take you there with maps, descriptions, and directions. Take a walk to discover 25 of the most breathtaking journeys. Take pictures of the historical landmarks and monuments to tell your friends back home, but don’t forget your guide.

Tennessee Civil War Monuments by Timothy Sedore

Tennessee is home to numerous Civil War monuments that stand across its landscape. Readers can examine different monuments from Chattanooga to Memphis. This book records important events and figures in history, including the state’s military history.

Timothy Sedore uncovers the state’s rich historical landscape through the pages of his insightful book. War monuments have been erected since 1863, and Tennessee is now home to over 400 memorials.

Renew your spirit for adventure

Reading through these wonderful stories to learn more about the cultural heritage of the American people may inspire you to travel a little more, and it may offer a new appreciation for cultural heritage.