Initiatives to preserve historical places in the USA

Initiatives to preserve historical places in the USA

Individuals can contribute to these initiatives via participation in programs or through membership.

The following organizations protect cultural heritage and participate in discussions that involve issues of cultural heritage.

UNESCO and the AIA

The Archeological Institute of America (AIA) focuses on identifying landmarks in the USA that bear historical significance. It promotes an appreciation for diversity and shared humanity among all citizens of North America. The organization encourages and funds research that goes toward uncovering artefacts and promoting landmarks of cultural significance.

In 1972, UNESCO signed an international treaty vowing to preserve and protect the natural and cultural heritage of landmarks and locations around the world that bears a significant link to the past. These landmarks and locations are said to be essential for humanities collective identity and learning from the past.

The United States Committee of the Blue Shield

This committee was established in 2006. This was initially due to many catastrophes occurring around the world threatening cultural heritage. Blue Shield and its affiliated national groups work together to plan and provide emergency protocols if the cultural property becomes threatened by war or natural disasters.

ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives

This organization works to sustain existing structures put in place to safeguard cultural property. It documents damage, encourages awareness programs, and they are equipped with emergency protocols during the event of a war or other threats that put the safety of these properties at risk.

United States Department of State — Cultural Heritage Center

The archaeological sites and historical landmarks can be said to enrich and provide today’s societies with more knowledge of their cultural origins. The Cultural Heritage Center specializes in the preservation and protection of these landmarks and resources.


The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (FAIC) promotes conservation research, education, and outreach activities that aim to enhance citizens’ comprehension of our global cultural heritage.

Preserving identity through cultural heritage

Cultural heritage will always play a central role in forming the identity of a nation. The responsibility of securing the future of our cultural heritage is in the hands of each of us.